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Past Officers

The information below was compiled by Greg Thorpe, Zoning Investigator for Rock Island County and is not yet complete. If anyone has documentation for the missing years about previous officers of the Illowa Chapter of ICC, please contact Greg Thorpe Click to send e-mail.

Year: President: Vice-President: Secretary/Treasurer:
2018-19 Raymond Nees Tim Delathower Joe Kuhlenbeck/Bill Latting
2016-17 Thomas Ayers Robert Buck Joe Kuhlenbeck/Bill Latting
2014-15 Thomas Ayers William Connors Autumn Rohwer/Joe Kuhlenbeck
2012-13 Robert Buck Bruce Crowe Autumn Rohwer/Joe Kuhlenbeck
2010-11 Robert Buck Bruce Crowe Jacob Ralfs
2008-09 Tom Ayers Joe Mason Greg Thorpe
2007 Kent Anderson Chuck Layer KJ Whitley
2006 Ray Nees Kent Anderson   KJ Whitley
2005 Louie Sandoval Ray Nees KJ Whitley
2004 Steve Moller Louie Sandoval Brad Saunders 
2003 Bill Newberry Joe Mason Brad Saunders
2002 John Wilt    Brad Saunders
2001 William Connors Louis Sandoval Steve Moller
2000 Steve Moller Bruce Jasperson William Connors
1995 Bill Newberry Steve Burger David Mahlo
1994 Jim Reed Steve Moller Bill Newberry
1993 Duane Lasley Norman Neely Norman Neely
1992 Duane Lasley Norman Neely Norman Neely
1991 Michael Van Wiel William Philhower Norman Neely
1990 Michael Van Wiel Norman Neely William Philhower
1989 William Philhower Norman Neely Tom Phipps
1988 William Comstock William Philhower Tom Phipps
1987 William Comstock William Philhower Jack Meincke
1986  Norman Neely William Comstock William Philhower
1985 Norman Neely William Comstock William Philhower
1984 Jim Monteyne Herndon Wright Norman Neely
1983 Jim Monteyne Herndon Wright Norman Neely
1982 Jim Monteyne Herndon Wright Norman Neely
* Officer's terms were amended to two years in length.

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